Despite spending most of the yesterday in the hospital ER, I am about 500 words away from 50,000. Of course, I used my 4 a.m. heart attack (turned out to be heartburn which is embarrassing but not lethal) in the story.

Someone getting robbed was already part of the plan, so I just gave him some injuries and sent him to the hospital in an ambulance. Didn’t want that surreal ride to go to waste. And since, for about 12 hours, I was in bed with wires hooked up to me and needles sticking into my skin everywhere, I had a lot of time to think. Naturally, after I found out I’d live to see another day, I thought mostly about my novel.

This morning, before work, I decided to get those ER details down before they faded. But now I have to go teach, so those last 500 words will have to wait until tomorrow.


  1. well, cindy, you have written of “selling myself” well i considered of doing it really physically more then once because of the situation i am going through, well when life is mixture of Sweet & Bitter things happen like that, and then the fear of God well take away such situation and happenings. Regards: Oz manoj_assist@yahoo.com


  2. You’re right, Oz, that experiences that put that special fear into you–for me it was the fear of death (also the fear of not finishing NaNo)–

    But I want to clarify that in “selling myself” I was talking about having to market my novels–putting a book out there, having to try to sell it. I’m so close to my work, it feels like a real part of myself.

    As for your own situation, I hope you never have to resort to desperate measures to keep body and soul together.


  3. Fear of death? yes, it happens, in 1992 during March and July if I should say, I saw hell in a vision, people shouting and crying and repenting while burning again and again, I got up in the night it was past midnight cold, raining but within myself I was still burning, I remember not wearing blanket that whole night, and then I came to Kuwait during 1994 somebody gave me the book called Revelation of Hell (check in google by that name) by Mary Ann Baxter whom Jesus took 40 days to hell, seeing the horror of things written there and comparing the same with the Bible and the moments which I had seen, well I should say nobody will sin again and never dream of seeing it again, thats one of the reason I believe God has kept me away from all things which I should not do. Thanks Cindy.


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