I am not good at blanket submissions. I did manage to get one letter written and in the mail yesterday, despite distractions like the printer running out of ink and cleaning out my AGENT and REJECTION files. I really need to read all those rejection letters from Attracting Jack, because some of them were encouraging, and I can resubmit to those agents.

Just for a kick I counted the number of rejections I received for Attracting Jack. I mean, as long as I was paper clipping the publishers into one pile and the agents into another and giving the papers their own nice new manila file…anyway, 12 editors and 10 agents said “no” to Jack. Somehow, I thought it was more.

My goal with this ms. is to double that number before I shelve the book. So 44 total, 41 left to go. Rejections so far from NEXT, Claudia Cross, and Meredith Bernstein. Oh! It turns out that Meredith also rejected Attracting Jack, with a form card. So hey, a handwritten note is a step up!

And in other news, I’m going to be teaching three classes Monday and Wednesday at my local community college. Advanced (!!) Creative Writing, a lit class, and a college writing class with research paper. I could not have gotten three better courses if I’d hand-picked them myself. I’m psyched! I start tomorrow!

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