Finished! (Again)

Finally got that last revision of Remodeling Eden typed up and printed out. 350 pages=87,500 words. Part of the increase is due to the fact that now there are 50 chapters instead of 20.

Some writers are doing a new chapter for every scene. Supposed to make the pace seem faster. Mary Kay Andrews did it in Hissy Fit and all I noticed was I had more opportunities to take breaks and find my place again easily.

I wanted Adam’s pov scenes to be in their own chapters. He never got 25 pages in row which is roughly how I used to figure out chapter breaks, so that’s why I have more chapters. Also, once I started with the shorter chapters, I got a little carried away. And a faster pace would be the cherry on top.

So anyway that’s done. Yipee! Thank goddess for punctuation, especially exclamation points. They let me fake enthusiasm when I’m just not feeling it. Relief, yes. Enthusiasm, no.

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