Garage Band

Thinking about adding a new page to this diary called “garage band.” Actually, I’m doing it. Maybe as early as Sunday when Mike, the web man who is also my son, comes over for dinner and gets pulled into my latest project.

I love the independant spirit of garage bands. These are people who have no corporate support, but love what they do, and dedicate themselves to it without worrying overmuch about getting a record deal. I’m thinking of the White Stripes right now, a Detroit based band who recorded their first three albums in Jack White’s house. Third record was the charm for the Stripes, and they suddenly found themselves famous and able to afford a better recording situation. Instead of going high tech, they found a studio in London that used older equipment that had a stripped down garage sound. None of that computerized music or vocal alterations for the Stripes!

That one won a couple of Grammy’s a month or so ago. Which to me is the highest accolade, but to my 25 year old son spells “sell out.” He wonders why anyone would even want to go. Why being nominated is a compliment. He takes it just the opposite way, saying that he prefers his bands rough and really garage sounding. There’s a certain energy present before you hit the big time that Mike feels is palpable and comes across in the music.

To me, what’s most impressive about the White Stripes is not that they won a couple of major music awards. What impresses me most is the entrepenurial spirit of Jack White. With nothing but his guitar and a couple thousand dollars of his own money he put a record out. And then another one, and another.

So I thought, hmmm. I’ve been trying for a year now with very little success to pitch my article ideas to various writing magazines. So much to say, so much to share, and nobody wants to know. Well, nobody in the print media anyway. I have to tell you, the ideas for stories and stuff is just cramming my brain which makes my next idea inevitable.

Forget the mainstream. I’ll put my articles and interviews and essays up on my own website, I’ll start a garage band of my mind. I’ll make another page (techinically, that would be MIKE making the new page) where I can collect them, but they’ll all first appear right on my front page.

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