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Thanks Andrew for tipping me off about the Bombshell website and particularly the Monday night chats! Bombshell’s a new line from Harlequin and they’re actively seeking writers. Going to submit All About Eve to them first. Not sure if it’s a fit, but it IS a place to start. When I finally finish revising it. Which might go faster if I actually started revising again. It’s December, what can I say?

Yesterday: worked on a last minute review and got it quickly into my editor. It’s a review of Sara Lewis’s new novel The Best of Good. Loved this book. Love all her books. Did not want the book to end. Started getting nervous about it at the half-way part. Just loved every word. It’s about a guy named Tom Good who wrote some famous songs and then quit the music biz to be a bartender. Did I say it’s wonderful? Would make a great Christmas gift for that reader or writer on your list. Not hinting here, I already own the book. Just suggesting.

Today: went shopping when I should have been writing. But got almost all my Xmas shopping done in one store. Love the new Mega Marshall’s right next to Barnes and Noble. They have everything! And great prices.

A Year Ago Today: “Not sure who wrote these rules…”

An entry that discusses novels with characters who are writers.

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