no book writer blues

With apologies to Robert Johnson, Howlin’ Wolf, and Etta James, I hereby present the world premiere of Cindy Harrison’s “no book writer blues.”

no book writer blues

Got the no book writer blues
Feel it way down in my shoes
Got the no book writer blues
Every time I try I just seem to lose.

Want a job with no money?
Want to work with no pay?
Want to go from hell to heaven
All in one day?

Just pick up your pen
Get some paper too
Now start telling the world
Everything you do.

You got the no book writer blues
You feel it way down in your shoes
Every time, every time you try
Honey you just seem to lose.

Think you want to be alone?
Spin worlds from your words?
Well I’m here to tell ya
There’s a price to pay.

Desire leads to suffering
That’s what the Buddha says
Desire for anything
Gonna give you the blues.

Baby I got ’em bad
The no book writer blues.