Revising, again!!

Yes, again. That manuscript that has no name is going out to Downtown Press. Well, the first 75 pages of it anyway, with a synopsis and a cover letter. Most publishers want a query first, but they specifically ask for the chapters. They’re a new imprint and are actively looking for chick lit/women’s fiction type manuscripts.

Have it in my head to get the whole thing sorted by Tuesday and get it over to the post office on Wednesday. Today I got the 75 pages revised and put into first person. Well, the main character is now in first person. Her boyfriend’s pov has been shelved for now. I’m making “his” scenes into hers. And then the antagonist is still in 3rd person limited. And I’ve got my subplot girl, she’s also in 3rd person limited.

Not sure how this will work, but I don’t know how I could have the story I do if I cut my antagonist’s scenes and my sub-plot scenes. So I’m going to let it sit a day or two and then read it and see if it works. Hey, if Margaret Atwood can do it…

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