The last couple of days, I’ve been busy with getting a book read and a review written for May. It’s before deadline, but my editor was interested in my opinion. Therefore, I read. And wrote. And it was good.

The author is Leanne Banks, a writer I was not familiar with before. She has published many category romance novels, this is her first single title, it ‘s for Warner. It’s called Some Girls Do and I just loved it.

Which led me to Leanne Banks’s website. What I found there was intriguing…Banks says “When I first decided to write, I set a goal of writing and selling a series romance within two years…I started using self-affirmations daily to beat the discouragement…I beat my goal of writing and selling a book within two years…”

There’s a lot more, and it’s truly inspiring. She lists affirmations from a couple of sources, and there are many to choose from. Like Banks, I chose five and wrote them on index cards. Like Banks, I plan to read them aloud three times a day. All the affirmations I chose originate with Rita Rainville, who gave a workshop Banks attended at the beginning of her career.

Here are a couple of the ones I chose:

“I guide my own destiny, and I’m accountable for the results of my decisions and actions. I reinforce my successes and correct for errors.” This affirmation is not specific to writing and writers, but the rest of the ones I chose are. Here’s one of my writer affirmations “I write daily with excitement, enthusiasm, and confidence.”

I realize some people might think I’m a crack pot, and Banks herself has a tongue-in-cheek attitude about this, saying that sometimes she’s chuckle out loud as she read hers. But the thing is, it can’t hurt. Who am I going to look foolish in front of? Myself? Been there plenty. Am immune.

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