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I’m on a never-ending quest to find other writing blogs that click with me. Finally found One Writer’s Journey. Mia writes about once a week, and her entries are short, making it easy for me to go back and read her archives. She’s an inspiration.

I added her to the link list on the left, which is the list I go through every morning while drinking my tea and getting ready to write. Not all the links are writing blogs. In fact only a few that deal with writing consistently. Joe, of course, of Word Foundry fame. And Wendy at Pound #talks about her writing sometimes. Emily at Shutterbabe used to have an award-winning blog called Hope With No Pay, but she shut it down. Now she’s just got the photo blog. Which is sort of like saying now Baskin & Robbins only has chocolate ice cream. (My favorite.)

My friend Kris is a wonderful writer, but her blogs explore her other interests, like cooking (she just put up the dinner party menu!) in Veggies Unlimited and politics in Let There Be Peace. Is anyone as scared about the whole North Korea thing as I am?? And of course, there’s the news that we may be at war with Iraq as soon as the end of the week. Kris’s site has lots of ways to get involved and make a difference if you’re the activist type. If you’re not (I’m not, unfortunately) she keeps you more informed than the evening news.

That leaves Loey’s Guide to Buffy, which is updated whenever there’s a new episode. I loved Freak Magnet, but she doesn’t update enough for me to keep her on the link list, so that’s why she’s not here anymore.

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