Losing It

Not enough to keep me busy in 2003, or else want secretly to be a juggler. These are two of the reasons why I’ve spontaneously decided, just this morning, to add one more writing project to the three I’ve already got going.

To review, the projects are: this blog, selling my completed novel, writing a first draft of a new novel. The new project is starting off as a blog, but I’ve got plans to take it to print as soon as I can find a venue. I’ve got a couple in mind, but finding the perfect place will take some time and some research. And of course, some queries to editors, this time, magazine editors.

The new project is called Losing It, and it’s about weight loss, not freaking out. I’ve got a permanent link to the left in my LINKS section. Mike (my son the web genius) wrote the new page code earlier today before going to Chicago for NY Eve. Thanks Mike!! He’ll fix the wallpaper soon, but for now, the text is there. I plan to write in it once a week, on Tuesdays.

Like all seemingly spontaneous moves on my part, this one has been simmering just below conscious level for quite some time, where I sent it when came to a dead end in thinking about writing for magazines. The problem was, after looking through a dozen or so women’s magazines, just didn’t see myself as someone who could write with any authority or enthusiasm on any subject that market would be interested in.

Had pretty much given up reading women’s magazines a few years ago when vowed not to buy another mag with any mention of diet on the cover. Soon found that most of the magazines I’d formerly been an avid if sporatic reader of always have a diet article on the cover. Saved a lot of money in magazines for a couple of years.

So, put the whole idea of trying to break into magazine writing on the back burner, telling myself I’d make a decision about it in the new year. And then, started getting ideas for a new novel. After beginning the first draft a few weeks ago, thought my decision not to go for the magazine market had been made. Until this morning. When I came up with a brilliant idea. Or anyway, it seemed brilliant in those first moments of waking when anything is possible.

Got up and right to work, not even reading email first. And the perfect print media for this? Any one of those magazines I’d refused to buy because they’ve always got some new diet column. Ironic, I know.

But something happened when I stopped reading about diets. Well two things. One was, kept having to buy new clothes. In bigger sizes. Finally, in a desperate plan to regulate sugar and health, not to mention clothing budget, I joined Weight Watchers. For the last year or so, dinners consisting of an entire pizza followed by a bag of Ruffles and some fine imported chocolate washed down with a liter or so of Chardonnay are now a thing of the past.

The good news is, I haven’t given any of these favorite things up, just learned to manage portions. Most of the time. Still learning. And that’s what I plan to document. With pictures.

I’ve heard that if you publish something on the internet, your chances of selling it to a print medium lessen. OTOH, the blog thing is seat-of-the-pants writing. Which can be revised into maybe some sort of possible magazine articles with the added benefit of publishing instantly, which is so much more fun than sending out hopeful envelopes to magazines only to have them returned with a cursory “no thanks.”

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