The Paris Notebook

One man stole her words…will another steal her heart?

As the girlfriend of a rock star, Deena Smith traveled the world in style. Now she’s moved on and enjoys a quiet life as a college instructor. When she discovers her rocker ex stole a notebook of her song lyrics and claimed them as his own, Deena is determined to do whatever it takes to get her notebook back, even if it means playing nice with her evil ex. But when her co-worker offers to help restore her work, little does she know her quiet little world will be turned upside down.

Sympathetic to Deena’s plight, Jack Karris offers to assist. He can’t stand the idea of anyone hurting her. But despite the desire that sparks between them, Jack can’t wait to leave her small university town behind. Deena is his unwitting ticket to New York, and although she has zero interest in the project Jack proposes for her writing he’s convinced she’ll also find a dream come true.

When the truth comes out and Jack’s intentions are revealed, Deena must decide: is he the man she’s come to trust, or is he just out to steal whatever he can… including her heart?

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