Thank You!

This morning I woke up determined to try to contact and thank as many reviewers of The Paris Notebook as I could find. I knew a few of them and guessed on one, correctly I hope, but the other reviewers remained a mystery. I am about as inept as Deena from TPN when it comes to detective work:) But I tried and think I’ve got them all but one. That would be the lovely Scarlet.

I thank Scarlet again. She’s only posted two reviews, both of my books, so she must be an angel who wishes to be anonymous.

Then there are the review sites, so important for ePublished writers. I tried once to get reviewed through a site I know on Twitter and nothing came of it. Trying to get a novel reviewed is not an easy task and I abandoned it in favor of writing after that one aborted attempt.

Thanks to the marketing magic of Lisa, who does PR for The Wild Rose Press, The Paris Notebook got a couple of reviews from sites I’d like to thank here. Fern from Romance Reviews Long & Short  wrote a very nice review on that site and also posted to Amazon. And Nikki at Storm Goddess gave me 5 lovely stars at that site and also posted to Amazon.

As a former book reviewer, I know these people write for little more than love of books and I am grateful and humbled by their kind praises.