Something New

For a really long time, I didn’t post reviews on Amazon. Part of that was because I was a professional reviewer, used to getting paid for my reviews and any old enemy can post a snarky review on Amazon. I thought it was just a bad way to handle book reviews.

But I know when I’m licked, and while I quit reviewing professionally years ago, I started to review again on the blog, on Goodreads, and yes, on Amazon. Since I’ve been hanging out with writers on social media sites, that’s been a big topic of conversation. You need Amazon reviews. Lots of them. “Verified Purchase” if possible.

That hasn’t worked out so well for my author self. At least not yet. I get review envy for writers like Niecey Roy who has¬†about a hundred reviews for her romantic comedy Fender Bender Blues. And the only way I know how to cure that jelly¬†is to move toward it, not away. So, I’m posting reviews on Amazon first, then linking them to my 5 Star Review page.

I do love trying new things, and I for sure love writing reviews any way I want to instead of following a magazine’s format. Plus on my blog birthday month, I always try to spiff things up. And I didn’t forget about that giveaway. It’s coming…soon.