A Moment I’ll Always Remember!

1BHYou can’t see my name or the title so well, but you sure can see that #1. In the interest of full disclosure, I was #1 on the free list, not the paid one. The pink object in front of the picture is my ever-present lip gloss. Had a tough day yesterday with students. Felt like I failed to reach them, or at least some of them. So good to be back in my little office, doing my own thingā™„

Stat Rat

This morning, Blue Heaven was about a thousand on the paid list. It’s a little more than that now. It’s #75 in the top 100 romance novels. I promise this is the last update. Unless I get to #1 again:)

Topping my Gratitude List Today



And so another novel has arrived. My beachy read Blue Heaven. I feel such gratitude to my husband, who put me through grad school just to see me take years off the day job to write; to my publisher The Wild Rose Press, and to my editor DJ. Also to all the friends who support me and my writing. Most of all to my son Mike, who put me on this path (or should I say platform) creating a corner of the web for me to write from. xo