Been Reading


Summertime and the reading is easy. I have a TBR pile a mile high, some from favorite authors, some new but interesting looking stories, one from a writer pal, and, once a week, I read an indie title sent to me from book blogger Ali who owns A Woman’s Wisdom. This week I discuss a fun summer read with serious consequences for the entitled and glamorous heroine.

I Can’t Stop

This past week has been full of good and bad, I think if you’ve been following along, you’re pretty much filled in. Today everything caught up with me and I had a physical meltdown in the form of a nasty migraine. Took meds which eased head but made me sleep most of the day so got no school work done. When I’m feeling really down, my back up plan for pain relief is food. Today I just ate and ate and ate some more. Now it’s dinner time, I’m not at all hungry, and the migraine is knocking again.

I could go to my other “make it stop” activity, drinking a glass or two of wine, but no. Instead I made dinner for Al and checked Twitter, where I read a very nice review of Blue Heaven. This cheered me up. I looked at my bank balance, which cheered me up even more. I made just under $3 for my writing last quarter. Yep, you got that right. $3. That’s from my publisher. Amazon sends money to the bank when I sell $10 worth, and I didn’t have one of those.

Yes, this writing business is making me rich:) But I can’t stop. I don’t even want to. I love to write and now there are a few people in the world who love to read what I write. That makes me happy, damn the stupid migraine!

Something New

For a really long time, I didn’t post reviews on Amazon. Part of that was because I was a professional reviewer, used to getting paid for my reviews and any old enemy can post a snarky review on Amazon. I thought it was just a bad way to handle book reviews.

But I know when I’m licked, and while I quit reviewing professionally years ago, I started to review again on the blog, on Goodreads, and yes, on Amazon. Since I’ve been hanging out with writers on social media sites, that’s been a big topic of conversation. You need Amazon reviews. Lots of them. “Verified Purchase” if possible.

That hasn’t worked out so well for my author self. At least not yet. I get review envy for writers like Niecey Roy who has about a hundred reviews for her romantic comedy Fender Bender Blues. And the only way I know how to cure that jelly is to move toward it, not away. So, I’m posting reviews on Amazon first, then linking them to my 5 Star Review page.

I do love trying new things, and I for sure love writing reviews any way I want to instead of following a magazine’s format. Plus on my blog birthday month, I always try to spiff things up. And I didn’t forget about that giveaway. It’s coming…soon.

Reviews, Blurbs, Templates & Taglines

What a morning! Woke up to a 4 star review of Sister Issues from Rosie Amber. Thanks Rosie <3.  Another reviewer asked to read The Paris Notebook for possible review! Plus I final-edited the template for my new novel, coming soon, and sent it off to my fabulous editor. Now I’m working on the tagline and blurb. As a former professional book reviewer, those things are easy and fun for me to write.

Back in the day, I loved composing a perfect tagline or a pull quote for the authors I reviewed. I made it a point to put something in the review that praised the author’s work. Sometimes, back  when I still visited bookstores, I’d check a book I’d reviewed and sure enough, there was my tagline right on the cover. Some of the writers even used my name, although most times it was just “RT Book Reviews” or “Publishers Weekly.” Still, I knew whose words they were:)

So I’ve come full circle and quite looking forward to sitting with my pen and notebook today, coming up with the perfect tagline for my new book.