What Gen? And Why?

Ju1BHst read an article by Abby Ellin in “Psychology Today” explaining Millennials, aka Gen Y, to the rest of us. There’s always been a thing with me, especially when I was a young writer, and even now as a teacher, where I feel a little out of step with the times. As I got older and saw things happening in fiction I could not do 20 years ago, I got a glimmer.

I was ahead of my time.

Sound braggy? Frustrating is more like it.

I have wanted to teach hybrid and online classes since forever and I want students to have structured freedom. I want to not cross out the entertainment value of literature in favor of motifs and making sure none of the poems have curse words in them. I want students to research what truly moves them, whether it’s building their own online presence or posting a YouTube video as a final exam.

I am a 58 year old Baby Boomer, and, according to Ellin, have most of the characteristics of a Millennial. Just check out the number of “I”s in this post. To some in my own generation, this smacks of narcissism. To Millennials, it just means investing in your personal platform. Which I also do with my 12 year old beloved blog, *sticks out tongue at hacker* my frequent Twitter and Facebook presence and my early use of Instagram (before FB acquired it, I used the filters for fun.)

Am I self-promotional? A narcissist? Well, I don’t spam but I do want you to know I write books and I wouldn’t mind if you bought one. Or all of them. And print copies so I can autograph. Kidding. I get a little embarrassed when some rare friend asks me to sign a real book. I’m all about the e-age. It fits me, my work, my life, my ambitions. I’m an introvert in the internet age. Perfect.

Impatience has been a trait I’m suffered from early years (and I do mean suffer, skipping steps is not recommended) and I’ve tried to temper it in every way. Turns out Millennials think of this characteristic as cutting to the chase. Focusing in on what’s important right now. I do want  to get to the meat of the matter as quickly as possible. There’s way too many distractions these days. But I’m Boomer enough to know I might miss something along the blue highway, so I’m still trying to slow down and enjoy the show.