Book Marketing on Pinterest

When’s the last time you had fun marketing your books? My answer until maybe a month ago would have been never. Then, I decided to create a Pinterest board for every one of my books. Sure, my website lists all my books with links and descriptions, but Pinterest goes the extra imagination mile, helping me find photos that express who my characters are and what their setting is, even down to the rings on their fingers and the pillows on their fictional sofas. Since the advent of Kindle, I’ve missed the element of browsing book covers. Pinterest gives that back to me, and more.

Since I’ve succumbed to the deliciousness of pinning, all my books have come more alive to me. Making a perfect board for every book is still a work in progress, but as you see above, my first two rows of boards are all for my books. Lily White in Detroit is my latest novel, so it’s the first board. Obviously you want those novels front and center for marketing. And don’t forget the buy link! I’m working a bit here and there on Pinterest as I try to finish a novel before my husband retires in December. And I have a board for that, too. It’s the best one. Jane in St Pete has categories!

When I got off Facebook, it freed up so much time. Time to write Jane in St Pete (coming in 2020) and time to play. Pinterest is very fun to play with, and while I’m not sure it will be a great marketing tool for me, it’s more than just having fun. Working with visuals spark ideas for my books…and my life.

My Interest In Pinterest

Started my Pinterest account and began pinning today. Am very sorry if I have somehow flooded all social media contacts with my bumbling attempts to get a few boards together. I have done a magazine and scissors version of this for years (also called vision boards or story collages) and hope I don’t lose the magic by going virtual. Because there is magic and I have proof. I won’t get into collating book ideas, but in my life, especially my home life, I have successfully pulled off many miracles.

It seems impossible but it’s true. Take stack of magazines (I am addicted to magazines) and tear out pages that call my name. Go through pages, deleting, trimming, matting on paper. Insert into portfolio. Look at every day and dream. Every page has a theme: the one that continues to amaze me now is the page I made for a new writing room.

It was everything my old writing room was not. On the main floor, full of sun light, no cat box smell, pretty bookshelves, organized desk, comfy seating. Well…that just about describes my writing room now. When I did that page I had NO inkling I’d ever get so close to the real thing. I still marvel. It happened with little to no effort on my part.

Same thing happened with a sumptuous living room page I did many years ago. This was when Al was still in his saving fury. Little by little I was able to put that room together. I had patience because I really never thought I’d have a room like that. But at least I could look at the pictures and imagine it.

Bit by bit, the magic began. I painted the walls myself. Talked Al into new carpet. Brought a sofa down from where it had been biding it’s time as a guest sofa bed, talked Al into a new chair, had my chair re-upholstered. All this took a few years, piece by piece.

I’d really forgotten the photo collage until I came across it one day and thought “Wow I just need a few things and it’s my dream room.” So I went back to work (I’d been off for five years writing, so it was time.) bought mocha colored silky embroidered sheers with awesome rods, a big square coffee table made from exotic burled wood, and a beautiful turquoise bowl. There was my room. Five years or so after I’d assembled it as a vision board page.

I’ve been wanting to try Pinterest forever. I just hope I’m not sorry. Just lost an hour trying to reset my password and finding and pinning images and then trying to unpin. How do you unpin? I have like three book covers of each of my books. It’s maddening. But in a fun way. So far.