Here Comes Trouble


A couple weeks ago, I had the first professional photographs taken of myself, all by myself, since my college graduation photo Which I do not have a copy of. Not sure what got into me. Wanted to do it before I couldn’t wear heels any more? Needed a good head shot for my obituary? Hard to say.

It could have something to do with my “Three Books in Three Months” campaign. I’ve got a lot of promo to do and where better to start than with a bunch of pampering like profession hair and make up and mani-pedi? Also a new outfit! Except the shoes, those are about four years old and still beloved.

Sister Issues is coming out October 15, 2015, in a print edition, so maybe I can use one of these photos for a mug shot on the back cover. But now I have to pick.


Which one would you choose?