Will to Power

My chapbook of poetry should be happy to remain in its home on the internet but instead keeps insisting that it needs to see print. So I looked into Lulu, which seemed too expensive and technical and I sort of gave up. Until yesterday.

One of the poems in the book recently won an award. And there’s going to be a luncheon and an awards ceremony in June. And I’ll  be reading that poem in public. There’s also the opportunity to have my book at an author’s table, for sale. Sure, I can bring Your Words, Your Story. But, I thought yesterday, wouldn’t it be great to have the poem there?

Well, just that thought, and now the idea of Paradise Fields as a printed entity won’t let me go. Even though I know nothing about desktop publishing. Even though right now I am trying to be very careful with money and how I spend it. Even though this is going to be work that distracts me from the novels for a week or so. Even though I’m coming up on the last week of school and all that grading.

There are so many reasons why I should squash this little book’s will to power. But I think instead I’ll let it have it’s way.