Writing with Friends

I have a small critique group (three of us right now) that meets every month. We inspire each other to continue our stories and of course give our take on what works and what doesn’t in each other’s manuscripts.

Today we’re doing something different. I’m wondering how it will turn out. I’ve  not written much in group situations, but that’s what we may be doing for an hour of our time together. We’d all be working on our own projects, just making time for writing together.

Meanwhile, I’m working like mad on my new WIP. I’ve almost filled up the notebook I bought a few weeks ago. That’s 70 pages! As per usual, I am procrastinating getting those pages into the commputer, so maybe I’ll bring my laptop today and do that. I already wrote two scenes this morning, so I feel like I got my pages in. Sure, I’m happy to do more, but I can’t remember anybody’s name except the h/h so I should do the chore-like stuff of getting a character list together and typing the pages into a Word document.

OTOH it would be fun to just take my notebook over there and see what happens next in my story…