Unexpected Gifts

murphy.fam.1503348_10202170444478147_167755538_nChristmas morning, talking on Facetime with Mike and Jessica. Murphy was on his favorite spot of the sofa behind them. Murphy is their dog. He’s a corgi. Isn’t he cute? I bought him a coat for Christmas. I asked if it fit. It did. He looks so cute in it. Want to see a picture? We were talking on my phone so they sent the picture to Al’s phone. Al looked quite puzzled. Did you get it? I asked. Yeah, he said, but it’s fuzzy. It’s not Murphy. I asked for the phone and saw the picture. An ultrasound. Immediate teary eyes. But I didn’t want to be wrong, even though I wasn’t.

Is this…are you…they laughed with happiness. Yes, Jessica’s going to have a baby. Best Christmas present ever. And now, best birthday present ever as I get to share the news far and wide. I’m gonna be a granny. It’s a boy:) Love boys. I keep throwing out names. My son is a junior (II) so I said “you know if you name him Mike, you can call him Trey.” (Three in French. I think.)

Al and I have already booked tickets for expected arrival. I cannot wait to hold this baby.Jess.32weeks.IMG_7400