Saving Grace

I must be sick because I just wrote my post, added photos, and then lost it somehow. So this one will be …I don’t know, because I timed the writing of the previous post just after I took some DayQuil and yep it’s kicking in. Writing while on medication. Not my thing.

So, sick. Yeah, I won’t die or anything, just messed up my special day with Al yesterday. We had plans! Instead of having fun together he got to be my nurse. He’s not great at care-taking, but he did go to the drugstore for me. And he left me alone in my misery. He even cooked his own breakfast.

That was yesterday. Awoke feeling like someone had shoved a boar bristle hairbrush down my throat. Among other sick-person stuff.


Was talking to Owen and Jessica (Yes, Owen talks! You just don’t know what he’s saying.) and they are just getting over colds, too. So, that’s the saving grace. We will all be well for my visit, coming up very soon:) I escaped the flu my students passed around all fall term, I somehow did not succumb when people around me were falling like dominos during the holidays, and I even made it to Alicia’s baby shower in good health.

But last week, Al said “I feel a little…I think I have a head cold or something.” alarm bells rang in my ears. Al does not get sick. And if he does, he does not mention it. He only said something because he didn’t kiss me goodnight, and he didn’t want me to think anything was wrong. Trying to spare me his germs, but no luck. Another good thing about this cold or flu or whatever it is, Al said it lasted two days, tops. He said the first day was the worst.

I do feel a little bit better today. Dreaming of Greece. Sipping tea. Thinking of making a pot of soup. And for sure a third saving grace is feeling this bad reminded me to treat myself better. I’m booking a spa day very soon. ┬áBecause you know, I deserve it.