Winning Either Way

Enjoying the break from my day job. Sent out a query today. Slowly, I’m working through that to-do list I made a while ago. Query’s written. Query’s sent. Synopsis is written. Now I just need to polish the three chapters and then I can send out the rest of the queries.

Tonight should tell me something about my first paragraph. Our local writer’s group has an agent coming in who is going to do a workshop with us–she’ll read our first ‘graph and tell us if we’ve hooked her — or not. 

I submitted my paragraph. It’s about the 20th revision. So we’ll see what she thinks.

The trick for me will be to NOT get discouraged if she doesn’t like my opening. The trick will be to see the rare opportunity in getting feedback before sending out the proposal. And if she likes it? I think that would be all the inspiration I need to get the proposal polished and ready to go.  

Either way, I win.