Politics and Religion

That’s me in my first communion garb, when I got married to Jesus. I grew up with a Catholic mom who didn’t attend church and an atheist father. It was strange. I never went to church after I was on my own.

I felt like “Jesus is just all right with me” (remember that song?) but I had my own personal Jesus (remember that song?) I didn’t think too deeply about it. “Jesus freaks/out in the streets/handing tickets out for God.” (Remember that song?) Inevitably, my friends who became Jesus freaks had been busted by their parents for smoking pot.

I went to church again when I had kids. I felt like, well, I’ll give them this base and then when they’re old enough, they can decide. They went to cathecism and got all their sacraments. Our pedophile priest went to jail. When the priest who wants your sons to be altar boys goes to prison, it changes you. Also, I didn’t like other things. Their anti-abortion stance. No women priests. No married priests. It was so messed up.

I tried a few other churches but when my favorite “non-denominational” church fired our minister because she was Jewish, I lost faith. It feels really good to have faith but no matter, mine was gone. I hope there’s something after death, but chances are, there’s not. I still pray, and it works, there’s something inside me that responds to prayer. I’m comforted by the Buddha, who, when asked if there was a God, did not respond. Nobody knows, and that’s a fact. But I accept and understand the place religion has in people’s lives. I just don’t like the thing where it has to be one religion.

As for politics, I’m from a working class background and so is my husband. Our families have been union people from the beginning and we have always voted Democrat. I used to say I was an independent but I have never voted Republican. I take it election by election and I always like the Democrat candidate better. Usually they are more in line with every woman’s right to make all decisions concerning her body. I hate racism and bigotry and I see more of that in some candidates than others.

So, why did I just say all this? Well, this week I did a few political posts on Facebook, and I don’t usually do that. So I’ve been thinking about it all. Why is it a thing that we don’t talk about politics or religion? They seem like important topics to me, more now than ever. Yesterday, for 28 minutes, Hawaii believed they were being hit by a nuclear bomb. I think about that every day. That any day could be that day, and it seems this president more than any other kind of wants that. So maybe having a conversation or two about the politics and religion behind war and bombs isn’t a bad idea. Maybe it’s a very good one. Namaste.

Facebook for Dummies

They have to have this book. I mean they have every other subject in the world. I own a few…problem is, the dummy books are outdated so quickly. The FB one would certainly be obsolete. There has to be a web version. I will find it!

I like FB because it keeps me connected to some people I really love. I don’t like the new friends page at all, however. In the six minutes a day I have free to check FB I don’t have time to figure out how to use it. It can’t be that you have to click onto each friend to see if they’ve updated their status lately. And then click back to the list and do it again. And again. That just can’t be it. Young people wouldn’t stand for such a slow way of doing things. Plus they all have 300 friends.

Or maybe I’m the only one who wants to see all my friends status updates as they happen? But why else be on FB in the first place? It’s annoying me, thus this rant, which is keeping me from working on the WIP but that’s okay. I’ll get to it. I always do.

FB home page doesn’t always give me everyone who has updated. It’s random. So that’s not a good way. I think there’s a better way, and I’m going to figure it out. Just as soon as I find the time. That would be about a week from now, when I have two whole weeks off work!

Imagining the “What did you do on your summer vacation” paper I would write if I were the student and not the teacher. “I learned how to quickly and efficiently access my friends who have updated their status on Facebook.”

Pages, Facebook & Chrysler

Wrote my three pages this morning. The first sentence of the new scene “Nate landed in Memphis with no idea what to do” reveals exactly how I felt when I picked up my pen. I had no idea how to make my scene happen. I just knew his goal (to find a murderer). I wrote anyway and made a little progress. That always happens. Write and the ideas will come.

Life isn’t quite so simple.

Yesterday I spent some time familiarizing myself with Facebook and connecting with friends already there. I decided to use my wall to do Twitter-sized posts about what is happening or what I am feeling in the moment. They won’t be writing related; that’s the point. Today I wrote about Al going back to work after being laid off for two months.

It was far from the whole story. Am glad I read the news AFTER I wrote my pages today, as I saw this on BBC: 

The auto task force appointed by Mr Obama released two reports on Monday on the financial health of both carmakers, saying that Chrysler was “not viable” in its current form.

It demanded a merger with Italy’s Fiat or another carmaker if Chrysler was to survive and said the Obama administration would only provide the company working capital for the next 30 days.

Current mood: worried sick.

Yes, it was nice to have Al home, and it would be fine if he retired right now in the normal way. He has 34 years in, and he deserves this. But elsewhere in the article the word “bankrupcy” was mentioned, and if that happens, there goes the health care and the tidy little pension we’ve counted on our entire lives.