No Sugar Coating

Trying to load a photo (been trying all day) is not working. Lots of things are not working. For me, for you, for just about everybody in the world. I may not have Clorox wipes, but I still feel lucky. We have a home, we have food, we are able to pay our bills. So many can’t.

Still, lucky as I am, life is difficult now. I’d like to just Stay Home, but my dad is ill, though not with coronavirus, and needs my help. I’m driving him to another doctor appointment tomorrow. I hope we don’t have to go to the drugstore again. I need to find the courage to tell him I can’t take him anywhere else. Doctor or pharmacy. That’s it.

My dad lives alone. He has masks and a grocery store next to his condo, so he’ll be okay for food. We think we have a medication problem under control. Al and I don’t know what will happen when we leave in May if Dad refuses to come with us. Mom is in Michigan, our home is in Michigan, and so far, Dad is refusing to leave Florida. Mom says there is no way she is coming to Florida.

My heart is breaking, but not literally. It’s beating. I’m not sick. My children, grandchildren, and parents are all well. We have a month or so to try to convince Dad to leave Florida with us. If he gets the virus, there is no family here for him. Here’s how I’m coping: eating sugar (but not wheat). So ice cream and potato chips but no cookies. Drinking wine. But not too much. Taking my anxiety meds. Also, reading Regency romance novels.

I try not to watch too much television news but I read the Washington Post every day. We watch the local news for Covid updates. We watch national news and sometimes my favorite cable news show. Deadline White House with Nicole Wallace. We just binged Ozark.

I’ve slacked off on meditation and yoga since Dad has needed so much help this past week. It depletes me. I know I’m not taking great care of myself, but I’m being safe, and I’m doing the best I can. I’m writing this post. I wasn’t sure I’d be able to this week.