Everything Changes

Had to update my status, as we say on Facebook. After a two day pity party, I’m writing again. And no sugar today. Yet.

Recently received my publishing contract for Blue Heaven. Same publisher, different contract. Not many changes, but the ones I noted were important enough for me to do some negotiating. I’m happy with the way things went and sent the new signed contract in today. Which means, I will be getting edits soon.

I love working with editors. Almost everything they suggest makes my books better and my characters stronger. I’m even starting to think a little bit like an editor. That’s good. The less editing my editor has to do, the better writer I am becoming.

There’s another big change in my life these days: after 27 years in the same house, my husband and I are moving. We’re going from a house to a condo. We’re going from no basement tri-level, to split ranch with a basement. (But also with a first floor laundry.) We’re going from a well-used and much loved home to a brand new (even a little bit bigger) place that we can button up with confidence and leave for extended travel.

My plan is to keep writing through the move. I’ve got a deadline and the clock starts ticking soon.