No More PW

This morning, I have a review to revise, and am not looking forward to it. And thus, I have decided, maybe a bit impulsively, that after four years, this will be my last review for PW. 

A year ago they cut our $50 per review fee in half, so now I receive a mere $25 per book. What does that work out to an hour? Four to six hours to read the book, maybe more, depending on length. Sometimes the books I’m given are a pleasure, sometimes they are a pain, but either way, part of the deal is that they must be read cover to cover.

Then maybe thirty minutes to dash off a draft. Another hour or so to revise the thing. And when I say revise, I mean annotating every significant plot point with page numbers from the galley. So that’s six hours divided by $25 which equals out to about $4 an hour. That’s below minimum wage!

It was nice having a paying writing job, but I think I’ve gone as far as I can with it.