Writer Forecast

The new moon in Leo on Monday August 9 means any and all new projects will get off to a roaring start. So, if you need to write that query, or have been wanting to begin a new story, initiate it on Monday for fabulous results.

Mercury retrogrades on August 20, but by then your new project should be well underway, which is good because retrogrades are notorious for mixed signals, miscommunication, and computer problems. Back up your WIP and be extra-super clear in emails and texts. Or, better yet, meet face-to-face. 

But it’s not all bad news: retrogrades, especially in Virgo like this one, are an excellent time to get serious about revision. Anything that takes careful attention to detail can be handled beautifully during this Virgo retrograde. So, continue your story, create a detailed outline, plot your heart out, and revise, revise, revise for stunning results.