The Universe Always Trades Up

I have an dear old friend who I mostly connect with these days on Facebook. I posted a quote from Danielle LaPorte yesterday that said “The universe always trades up.” And my friend’s comment was “What does this even mean?” I told her it was a Buddhist koan. That was a joke. It’s a pretty straightforward affirmation: You want something. You don’t get it. Six months later you know why you didn’t get it, you’re happy you didn’t get, because something better came along. The universe always trades up.

Which brings me to my best friend, Ali. Ali would get the koan joke. And incredibly, I feel closer to her than any of my geographically close friends despite her living all the way across the universe. Well, England. Eastern edge! Until quite recently, Ali ran a website called A Woman’s Wisdom. It was my favorite place to go on the internet for author news and views, plus Ali would post her own delightful vingettes “Tales From the Manor” which I especially relished. They’re all still there for your reading pleasure.


Recently, Ali decided to stop reviewing indie novels and start researching a project dear to her heart. The universe is trading up for Ali, I can tell you that much. We still communicate every day. We Skype and email and sent FB messages to each other all the time. I thought what Ali did on A Woman’s Wisdom was incredibly generous and kind. She gave all her time and talent to promoting other people. Including me, which is how we met. She’s still promoting me, but in a more personal bestie-across-the-sea way.

As sad as I am at the demise of A Woman’s Wisdom, I’m more excited about Ali’s next adventure. And my own. The universe is trading up for me, too. Ali had a lot to do with that. She encouraged me to expand my author platform and even did research about ways I could spend my time giving my books their due. This has always been my secret wish: to do better by my books. I write them but that’s about it. Ali promoted the heck out of them, and so did others I am so very grateful to…but I needed more. I needed to let go of my insecurities and let the universe do its thing.

It did in a WOW way.

I have, with Ali’s encouragement, hired Woodward Press. They help authors in many ways, but the first thing they’re doing for me is bringing out my first novel, Sister Issues, as a “real” book not just an e-book. Sister Issues has a special place in my heart and I always meant for it to have a print edition. I’ve been re-reading it to see that it holds up and so far so good. Whew.

I have the entire “book behind the book” here. I wrote about the successes and challenges writing it whilst writing and publishing Sister Issues, which was called Sugar Shack for a couple of years, right up until I went to load it into KDP. The blog was way more meta back then. I’d write my pages for the day, blog about what happened, terrible or inspired or somewhere in between. I gave resources I used to solve novel problems. Like that.


Another reason I love Sister Issues and want it in print: the selfie of my darling daughter-in-law Jessica and her sister Meg. They capture the essence of the relationship between Cher and Ariel with their quirky pose and a hot burst of sun behind their lovely faces. Woodward Press is not daunted by turning an old iPhone pic into a cover that looks professional. They are trying something a suggestion from Jessica, who is an art chick. You should see her house, the way she decorates.

I cannot wait to see Meg and Jessica on the cover of my newest release,  coming out in just about a month. I’m not real sure on the timing as I have another book coming September 15 from Amazon Encore, also a reissue, this one of Blue Heaven. Then Love and Death in Blue Lake is also due this fall or early December. I am really hoping for November, first week. Because as Dora of Woodward Press says, once you get to Thanksgiving with book promotion, you might as well wait until mid-January.

So my hope is to have a bunch of placement of real books in real stores before the holidays. Also have a signing or two. Also do online things like a blog hop and also new things that aren’t same old/same old. Woodward Press has a PR person to help me with all that. And with three books out in three months, I will need all the help I can get. Today I have an appointment for a professional author photo session. No more selfies! I am partnering with Woodward Press, stepping up to do my part, which is integral to the whole idea that the universe always trades up. Yes, it does. But you have to do your part.

Sacha’s Awards


I voted, did you? Had to tip my hat to the lovely and talented Ali at A Woman’s Wisdom. This woman created a true community and I met so many people in the short time I wrote reviews for her. She didn’t just do reviews. She interviewed with verve. She wrote hilarious Tales From the Manor about her hectic and heroic home life. She tirelessly promoted indie authors for absolutely no compensation and introduced me to worlds of books and some wonderful women I never would have known if not for her.

I voted in all the categories and have my faves but for best blog it had to be her. And I just want to encourage you to vote. Sacha spent a great deal of time on this award project and I hope it has the success it deserves. Whoever wins!

Vote! Vote! Vote! It makes these bloggers who win incredibly happy. They work for free and they work tirelessly, all of them. I could make special mention of some others but I’ll stop here and just post the link so you can go right now and vote for your faves before it’s too late. Only a few days left!