Sister Issues

Can two troubled sisters finally come together as a family?

A ten year age difference between half sisters Cher Smithfield and Ariel Taylor is not the only thing that divides them. From day one they’ve clashed about nearly everything, including Ariel’s crush on Cher’s ex-husband. Ariel, at 28, is still trying to find herself, while Cher has a perfect life managing a family property. She lives upstairs and runs a coffee shop on the main floor. Then Cher’s stepfather divides the property, giving half to Ariel.

Ariel has no blood claim to the property, and Cher once again is forced to overcome her little sister’s stubborn ideas of what is fair and right. For Ariel, turning the coffee shop into a full service restaurant is a no-brainer. For Cher, it means her quiet life and sweet oasis have just descended into chaos.

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