Excerpt from Sarah’s Survival Guide


Sarah didn’t want David to go. She bit her bottom lip to keep from saying anything.

“Sarah is not to lift any bus trays or anything else heavy. She’s pregnant.” David looked at Rose. “Got it?”

“Yeah, sure,” Rose said.

“My office is right back here if you need me,” David said to Sarah, pointing down the restroom hallway. Then he winked at Sarah and left.

“Very intriguing by-play,” Rose said, sitting in the booth opposite Sarah and folding napkins, too.

“What’s up with you two?”

“Nothing. He’s, like, a sweetie.” Sarah folded the napkins the way David had shown her, but her stack was a lot shorter than Rose’s pile.

Rose kept looking at her like she was willing to wait for whatever she thought Sarah was keeping secret.

“I was working for his mom, she fell and hurt herself and I was, like, the nurse. But she doesn’t need me so much anymore, so he’s, just, like, helping me out.” Rose continued the steady gaze.

“I got fired from my last waitress job for barfing too much.”

Sarah figured that would gross Rose out and she’d quit staring at her. It worked. Rose turned white as the napkins they were folding and looked like she might do a sympathy hurl herself. This satisfied Sarah.

“Fuck,” Rose said, with respect.

“Pregnant, no baby daddy in the picture. My mom threw me out. So David sort of rescued me.”

“What a bitch!” Sarah wasn’t sure whether Rose referred to her mom or her situation. The waitress took a batch of dinner checks from her red apron pocket and handed them to Sarah.

“At least you got experience.”

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