Reviews of Luke’s #1 Rule


“I think Cynthia Harrison deals so well with how addictions can impact on the addictee and their families in this contemporary story. She approaches the matter in such a sympathetic way to all parties involved. I loved the character of Chloe who puts her children first and, despite her love for Luke, won’t let him treat her as second best.”

~Bodicia from A Woman’s Wisdom



“This book is about family and very difficult issues. It’s realistic, not at all forced, and utterly riveting as a result. Yet it is still a romance, and though I cried three times while reading it, they were good tears, and I knew it would somehow all end well. That’s a requirement for me. I dislike books that end sadly, even if I love the book, and I tend not to read those authors again, because let’s face it, who needs more bad news and sorrow when we have life, which has its share for everyone?”

~ Antonia Moran


“Luke’s #1 Rule, by Cynthia Harrison, is a thoughtful, beautifully written story of family, love, and the difficult choices parents must often make to protect those they love.

The author doesn’t hold back in showing the dark and frightening spiral of mild addiction, into deeper addiction. She also handles the problems of the blended family with expertise, and sugarcoats nothing.”

~ Robena Grant

Luke’s #1 Rule is available from:

Amazon   |   B&N   |   Kobo   |   Wild Rose Press 

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