Lily White in Detroit

Lily White in Detroit

Discussion Questions

  1. Racial inequality continues to be a major problem in the USA, even in cities with majority black populations like Detroit. In what ways does the author addresses this issue? Does she successfully depict systemic racism?  How might we as a country “have the conversation” about racism?
  •  Derrick Paxton is a black Detroit police detective. Do you feel the author, a white woman, used sensitivity when using his character point of view?
  • Lily and Paxton have an interracial relationship, first as colleagues of a sort, then as friends, and finally as romantic partners. Did this relationship feel true?
  • “Multicultural” fiction prominently features minority populations. Lily is white, although she deals daily with black and Native American characters. How successful is the author in transcending the stereotypes associated with these groups?
  • PTSD is more common than some Americans realize. The scope of the disorder has widened from war veterans to include police officers, rape victims and other victims of violence. Discuss how Lily’s PTSD enhanced or detracted from the murder plot.