A few weeks ago, Yoko Ono was officially granted co-writing credit for the most popular song of the 20th Century. In taped interviews before he died, John Lennon said he should have credited her when the song was published, because he used her concept and song lyrics, mostly from Ono’s already published book Grapefruit. Lennon said he didn’t give Ono credit at the time because he was too selfish and insecure. It takes a big man to admit belittling a woman.

Lennon went on to say that if a man had helped create the song, he would not have had a problem giving credit where it was due. So, whether it was because Ono was his wife or because she was a woman, or both, Lennon at first overlooked Ono’s contribution. Ono stayed silent about it, but when she learned that the songwriting gods were officially changing the credit for “Imagine” to include her, she was very happy. Being recognized for what she helped create is a vindication Ono never sought, never imagined. ❤

In another arena on this American Independence holiday weekend, cable newswoman Mika Brzezinski has not fared so well. President Donald Trump insulted her on Twitter, invoking blood, as he loves to do when belittling strong women who dare to step onto his playing field. Exactly one minute after Brzezinski reported the factual news that Time magazine had asked Donald Trump to take down four fake cover photos falsely glorifying himself that were displayed at his golf courses, Trump gleefully mocked Brzezinski, saying she tried to speak to him at a party but he said “no” and that “she was bleeding badly from a face lift.”

She was reporting factual news; he was lying and playing the gender card. She wasn’t bleeding, not even a little bit, as press photos from the party clearly show.

This was Thursday. Guess what dominated the news Friday? Not reports that 34 million people will lose their health care under the new plan Trump endorses. Not a story about what finally seems a solid collusion link between a Trump campaign associate and the Russians: a Trump surrogate asked Russians for hacked Clinton emails. Trump likely knew these press reports were about to go public. Political news anchor Rachel Maddow posits that this is why Brzezinski got the Twitter tirade.

I’m not the only woman who wonders why our president seems to hate women. Is he just another insecure male chauvinist, like John Lennon admitted he once had been? Is he the social media bully his wife says she plans to fight in her role as FLOTUS? Mrs. Trump seems like a nice woman. When asked about her husband’s proclivity to viciously attack, she said when he’s insulted, he hits back ten times worse. She wasn’t defending him. She was stating a fact. And it made me wonder if Mrs. Trump knows this from firsthand experience.

In women’s fight for equality in this country that loves to say “everyone is created equal” Yoko Ono took a big step forward. It’s too bad our president pushed us back down. Unlike John Lennon, Trump has yet to grow up and give women the respect that is their due.

100 Years

img_3461Yesterday, Time magazine had a little item tucked into its pages saying Stephen Hawking believes we have about 100 years to find a new planet to call home before global warming makes Earth uninhabitable. Such a little piece, such a big story. Well, unless you don’t believe in global warming. (I do.) Or you don’t believe in science. (I do.) Or you don’t think Stephen Hawking is all that smart. (He’s a genius, one of a handful of the most brilliant minds in the world.)


This little fact about global warming chills me. 100 years isn’t that long. And our new president doesn’t believe in global warming or spending money or resources on trying to stop rapid climate change. He’s already overturned, or is in the process of overturning, just about all the safeguards Obama put in place to clean up Earth and reverse climate change.

100 years. I have a new grand baby coming next month. She’ll be my third, the first girl in our family in generations. My mom was the only girl, I was her only girl, and I had two sons, no girls. Then my sons (or rather their wives!) each had babies, both boys. So we’ve been waiting awhile for this little lady. In her lifetime, with all the health and medical advances, she may expect to live to age 100 and beyond. But will she be able to afford the ticket to Mars or wherever humanity will go once our own planet is uninhabitable? I’m thinking of my grandsons, too. They’re still toddlers. Will they be the last generation of children born on Earth?

This world can be a terrible place to live. Famine, genocide, war. But it is also beautiful: meadows, sea, sky. Skyscrapers, medical miracles, love. You. Me. Everybody else. And obviously it’s the only planet we’ve got. For about a hundred years, if Hawking got the science right. I have great faith in science and scientific genius, so I feel that the chances are good when Hawking says 100 years, he’s not kidding.

I’m disturbed and upset, but part of me wonders if his warning will change anything. Is there hope for us if we start to clean up our act right now? Because as far as I know, nobody’s really looking seriously at moving the entire population of this planet to Mars. And I’m betting if we do find somewhere to go, the price of a ticket will be beyond the means of most people. I see the rich people packing their diamonds and furs, but what about everybody else?