My eyes: A history

Had a very difficult time accomplishing any writing this week after my eye doc appointment on Tuesday. In fact, I have not written. Well email and status updates, but that’s it. Why am I not writing? Because I am too busy freaking out as quietly as possible.

I need cataract surgery. In both eyes. I’m not gonna lie, the news hit me hard, even though I’ve known for awhile now that when the time was ripe, I’d have to undergo the procedure. Now that the appointments have been made and the prescriptions fillled, I try to take comfort in the number of people who have had this done and say it is a snap. Probably because they load you to the gills with Valium and numb your eyeballs.

This will all be done before I start my summer teaching session. For the first time in many years, I will walk into a classroom without glasses. I won’t even need contacts. This blows my mind. I have worn glasses (or refused to wear them) since I was a pre-teen. All through junior high school, I wouldn’t wear them. Not even in class to see the blackboard.

I wised up and started wearing teardrop wires just like Gloria Steinem in high school. Then I tried contacts. Those first versions were torture, but I was going through yet another vanity phase (in high school I rebelled by not wearing make up, letting my hair frizz out, and generally trying to emulate Janis Joplin. )

I’m not afraid. Okay, I’m a little afraid. Writers rely on our eyes. Also, my main recreation and most fun thing to do is read. So…I really need my eyes. If there is a goddess or saint who looks after eyes, please rain your blessings down on me. Namaste.


Our Family Star

I come from a very creative family. My son Mike writes apps in his spare time. Tim builds cars. My dad builds beautiful rooms onto existing houses. My mom draws and wrote a story I included in my first book. It is everyone’s favorite part of the book. My grandmother was a painter, my grandfather a writer. Both my sons married creative women. And my uncle, Tom Weschler, is a rock & roll photographer. He was and still is my role model: he’s never had a “real” job. He has made his way through the world by his photo lens. I admire that so much!

Now Tom can add movie star to his resume. He’s in the film “Louder than Love: The Grande Ballroom Story.” This film premiered at the Detroit Institute of Arts Thursday night, and I was there! Two sold out shows. It’s going on now to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. Tom is a natural storyteller, and his skills show in the film about the broken down ballroom that came back in ’69 & ’70 as a rock venue. Bob Seger, The Stooges, The Who, Janis Joplin w/Big Brother, Led Zepplin, Ted Nugent, and the list goes on.

About a year ago, Tom’s book on his travels with Seger, Travelin’ Man, came out. Many never-before-seen photos and Tom’s trademark anecdotes make the coffee table sized book a real treat. You can see the reviews on Amazon. I wrote one–really short. I want to show my friends that writing a review is not a difficult thing. After all my pleading, I still only have 3 reviews. Tom has 21!!

Happy Easter!



A Writer’s Book of Days

I love this book. My friend Martha (who is publishing like crazy as Em Woods) told me about it. I’ve used Judy Reeves writing prompts before, especially for teaching, but what I love about this book is the daily prompt–one for each day of an entire year. With all the revision I’ve been doing, I find I miss generating new writing. And that’s where Judy comes in. Another of my writing resolutions for 2011 is to write in my notebook every morning first thing using Judy’s Book of Days.

Resolutions, Part One

Last night I went out to dinner with girlfriends and almost ordered a cup of sugar and a stick of butter. Clearly, I have work to do in the health area, and I’ll be making some resolutions about that as soon as I figure out what will mesh best with my writing life.

The resolution that I’ve been thinking about for awhile and wondering “Can I do it?” is “No new clothes in 2011.” No jeans, no pjs, no socks, no cute tops, no shoes or boots or sandals. No coats, no purses, no umbrellas, no jewelry. The reaction I’ve gotten to this from the people I’ve told is along the lines of WTF? Even my husband wondered why I’d make that resolution–and doubted I could keep it.

The reason behind making this resolution is complicated. One, I won’t be working, so there goes my clothing budget. But also, when I think back to how I spent my paychecks in previous years, way too much of it went to clothes. So I have a ton of things to wear. Maybe ten pair of jeans. Yoga pants galore. Dressy slacks. Pretty t-shirts, sweaters, and tunics. I really don’t need anything, and I want to see if I can be less materialistic in 2011 instead of using spending as a way to boost my ego and/or energy. I’m not a huge shopper anyway. But I’ve noticed in the last few years, more and more, I wanted new clothes so I could have a new mood. Now my closets and drawers are jam packed and I’m still the same old me.

So for me that’s a big resolution. Another one is to learn how to self-publish on Create Space and get a novel or two out there into the world all by my own self. Daunting  but absolutely exciting. And I’ll be blogging about it, too. In case, you know, you have similar aspirations for the new year.