Mission Accomplished

A national goal met! And a personal one!

Yesterday was a highly emotional day, but I still managed to write. I voted early, only waiting a little over an hour to cast my historical ballot. Obama was not my first choice, but I believe he is a good man, a man of superior intellect and compassion, and I have forgiven him for not being Hillary;-)

I went to bed at 10, with Obama ahead and woke at 2 a.m. wanting to run to the computer. I resisted until 4 a.m. when I got up and made a pot of tea while watching Obama’s acceptance speech on C-SPAN. It made me cry. I have so much hope for our country now. Things are bad in Detroit, and everyone says we haven’t hit bottom yet. But I think that with this new president, we will be fine. We matter to him. You can see it in his face. 

And I love it that I met my goal of 70,000 words plus this morning, right after I watched history being made. It’s a good day.


Even though I’m voting for Obama, when I saw who John McCain had chosen for his running mate, I was hopeful, just in case the worst happened. A woman, after all, couldn’t be all bad. And she had a nice smile. Then she opened her mouth and I learned she’s everything I’m not. Pro-war and anti-choice. Enemy of the environment. Worse, her intellect doesn’t go soul-deep. She’s all surface charisma. And since people vote for personality and not character, that worries me.

And I never would have said any of this if I hadn’t been inspired by my friend’s post here.