All I Want For Christmas

We were supposed to move today but it got pushed back due to a few very disappointing tangles and so I’m staying here in St. Pete awhile. I’m reading historical Christmas novels so I don’t have to think about how things got so messed up and postponed. Finally this morning I sort of snapped out of my funk and decided to work on the murder scene in Jane2. I had this murder scene planned out; it took some time to get the details right but when I finally did I thought I was a genius. Until I had a better idea. Which is what I worked on this morning, so now I’m in a great mood. Writing a good scene will do that for you.

Here’s the thing with patience: I have little to none. But I’m learning. Al is the most patient husband in the world. I do see how much calmer he is because he can handle setbacks. It has been a bit stressful, though, even for him. But we’re fine and expect to be all moved in by Christmas. Cohabitating in a tiny condo with boxes all over in not fun (I don’t do well with chaos either) but happily I kept my living room and sunroom just as they are: the Christmas tree is lit, and the season is upon us despite my recent depressed mood.

Al keeps asking me what I want for Christmas! I sang him the Mariah Carey song (because it’s true) but it didn’t come out quite the way she sings it. So Alexa played Mariah’s version for him on iTunes and that was better. Also I think it’s great we’re moving in so close to Christmas. That’s a lovely gift. The best ever. No snow down here to contend with, except the flakes in my snow globe.

Since the current work in progress takes place in December, it will be another Christmas book. I’m finally in the mood to take Jane into Christmas with me. Write what you love to read, that’s the key to enjoying your work. The photo above is from a few books back. My first Christmas novel. It was so fun to write. I forgot to promote it until it was too late. I’ll have lots more time for all that promotion stuff in my new office. Right now I’m too busy thinking about my real life, well and the novel. And how calm our lives will finally be when this move is complete.

Story Hunting

We’ve been house hunting since we came to Florida. Wow, prices have sky-rocketed. But you probably knew that. It didn’t help us out as St Pete seems to be a new favorite of millionaires. So we ventured south even though my dad says “the further south you go, the more the prices rise.” I don’t know. Sarasota was a little less pricey and the homes were a bit newer. Not new enough. Al wants something built in this century. We’d been looking a couple months when we hit the jackpot. Everything (almost) on our long wish list. Right price. Ditto square footage.

Also, the neighborhood comes with a story. I just finished Vanderbilt by Anderson Cooper and when I looked up the area online I found that the first rich Vanderbilt, first American millionaire in fact, had left a vast fortune to his heirs. His two sons bought a piece of land in Florida and fixed it up as a cattle ranch. They were the last Vanderbilts to add to the fortune of their father without squandering it all. I’m not sure what happened to the cattle ranch but it’s now a lovely little town laid out like Detroit (a wheel) and when someone digs for a new home, you can still smell the cow dung.

I’ve been worrying about Jane. When I move from St Pete, what does Jane do? I have sprung a wealth of ideas from that one question and none of them have to do with changing my website or Jane’s address. This is the first time in a long time my mind is forming book 3 before book 2 is done. This is a good sign. I’m relieved. It’s good to see the shadows of new work down the road. I may even have found a new writing room in which to get it done.

I’ll keep you posted!

Reading Friends’ Work

Detroit Firefighter Frank English

When you’re a writer, especially a published writer, you will be asked questions like “How do I get published?” or “Will you read my manuscript?” all the time. If you don’t know the person well, it’s best to say “no” because down the line (I’ve heard this story often, although it has never happened to me) someone may try to sue you because you stole their idea. But if you have a good friend, and you are like me, of course you’ll say yes. Well, if you’re not really busy at a crucial editing stage of your own book.

I met with my critique group on Saturday for the first time in months and joining a group is a good way to get your work read and receive feedback. This particular group are all mystery novelists, from the Michigan chapter of Sisters in Crime. We’ve been on Zoom since the start of Covid, so that means I can still get together with them to share our work even though I’m in Florida. There is a local chapter here in Florida, but you get used to your peeps. In a writing group, we all know the drill. Praise good things and point out (gently) what does not work for you. Maybe suggest changes if you have an idea of something that might work better.

I have some friends in Florida, also moved from Michigan–and since we are “couple” friends, as well as Lisa and I being close friends for 50 years!–we saw them last night for dinner and lots of talk. A year or two ago, Frank asked me to read some stories he’s written. Since he worked for the Detroit Fire Department for 35 years, and since he is a great storyteller, I said sure. I didn’t know what to expect, but I do know how to let someone down easy. Except…Frank’s book was great. His storytelling voice, the one he uses to entertain us around the dinner table, was in every word. He has a voice, essential but often elusive for a writer.

I told him it was great (he also had tons of photos). There was a natural arrangement to the book, from the first chapter when his buddy came over and said “Hey I hear they’re hiring firemen, wanna apply with me?” to the different squads he worked on through the years, and these were harrowing years when every “Devil’s Night” Detroit would burn, to his later years in upper management. Detroit no longer has a problem with Devil’s Night, in fact they call it “Angel’s Night” as citizens and officials join together to patrol the streets. Yes, Frank knows how to finish with a happy ending. Even for Detroit, which those of us who lived there know is happening, but most people from other states still think of it as “The Murder City” a play on our original name “The Motor City.”

I didn’t know if Frank would ever finish his book. He had a lot of stories to tell. I told him about Wayne State University Press, who have an interest in publishing all things Detroit. I told him his writing was smooth, tinged with humor amid the terrorizing smoke. And all told in his unique style and voice. Whew. I didn’t have to let him down easy! I was telling him the truth when I said he had a great book going and he could really write.

Fast forward to last night. Frank said, “Oh Cindy I want to show you something,” and he left the room only to re-enter with the book shown above. I started reading it again this morning. It’s a beautiful book; he found a good publisher. The photos are gorgeous. Well, not that actual fires where people die are gorgeous, but the details captured by Frank’s friend and fellow firefighter, they catch the dramatic moments so well.

Good luck to Frank as he goes into the marketing phase. And to everybody else out there, yes I am VERY busy right now finishing my second Jane in St Pete book. That’s not even a joke. Covid messed me up and then there was moving and my husband retiring and the two of sharing a tiny condo and him not golfing or going to the gym because it is too hot. My routine of years and years of being alone to write has been disrupted. So really. I need to work if I ever want to get this series rolling.

Moving On

Heading to Bainbridge Island, Seattle

We did not move to Seattle; we had a family vacation there. Right after we moved to our little winter condo in St. Pete. We filled our car (down to one car for now) with boxes, dropped them off in Florida and hopped a plane to Seattle. We hadn’t been on a plane since Covid and we had not seen our Seattle children (or grandchildren!) since before Covid. We planned the trip back in that wonderful short window when it seemed that the pandemic would soon be over. Of course we still wore masks in airport and on plane. We wore them in Seattle, except in the house. Our grandkids are not yet vaccinated, so we did it for them. We had a great time. Little Julia is just 4 years old, but not shy. She touched my fingernail and said “Pink is my favorite color.” I said “Mine, too!”

The next day, she introduced me to all her stuffed animals. Owen is in second grade now, and he loves playing video games, just like his dad did when he was 7. Mike is still working from home. Jessica is working harder than she thought she’d be at this time. Not only is Owen home, but Mike is too. We got a tour of his office and Owen learned how to operate the copy machine. One day we all tried, by howling, to get Murphy to howl. Murphy is the dog. He did not howl but looked at us like we were nuts. It was a fun relaxing vacation. And lovely to see my son, his wife and our grandkids again after such a long time. They have plans to come here to Florida this fall. I hope it works out. You just don’t know. I’ve a nagging worry about the mu variant.

Jane.2 languishes. I am ready for it to return to life. My plan is to read Jane.1 and take notes. Then read the 100+ pages of Jane.2 plus post-it notes. Then write to the finish. I would love to have a complete draft by the end of 2021. Found a desk on Wayfair, a big one, and even though this tiny condo is crammed, there’s a spot for it here. I checked and it doesn’t SEEM to come from China, as I need it ASAP. I am longing to get back to work. I have been longing to get back to Monday Blogs and yes, it seems I’ve done it! My laptop finally has WiFi and all is set for take off into this new life.

What’s a Scene Sequence?

RIP Bosco

I finally found time to write my scene today…it’s been growing in my mind and I’ve been scribbling notes, but the move has really interrupted normal time here. I’d say it was fine, but I miss my words and my blogging friends, so really, it’s not exactly fine. But eventually it will be. I had to plan this morning’s writing sprint around so many other moving type things, but mostly packing. We still didn’t get our A/C fixed (next week!) so I need to consider the weather. Lucky for me, it’s been more like fall than summer. But we are due for another meltingly hot week coming later. I’m 66, I can’t pack and sweat at the same time.

Ironic I know. We are moving to Florida in August and I’m complaining about Michigan heat. Al and I have talked about if this is some kind of sign. But we do have a little home in Florida, so it’s somewhere to go, even if we decide not to stay there. I think we’ll stay. That’s the plan. Our way of working is to have a plan but be flexible. So while our little condo is in St. Pete, our stuff (for me, books; for Al, tools, for both of us, a few pieces of treasured furniture) is mostly in storage here in Michigan. Because the little St Pete condo has all we need, but not all we want. We will be looking for a new place once we get down there…well, maybe we’ll take a long road trip first, from Florida to Seattle. I have not seen my grandkids in almost two years!

Next weekend, we are going to see Ben, who lives with his parents and dog Sunny in northern Michigan, right at the tip of the lower peninsula. It’s about four and a half hours from here, so we see Ben more than our Seattle grandchildren. We are planning to see them all every summer once we relocate to our new (yet to be found) perfect home. Next weekend, we will miss Bosco, who was my first granddog and came before any grandchildren or other granddogs, passed on to dog heaven a few days ago. I’m glad Ben has Sunny. This is a first dog death in the family. It’s hard. Dogs are so loyal and cuddly. We will miss you, Bosco.

I really did mean this post to be about scene sequences, but you see how life is happening at warp speed just now. At first, I had the idea for a scene: Jane spying on four guys playing poker. One of them, she is sure, is the murderer. But then I thought, oh I need to set that scene up a couple different ways first. Sort of lay the foundation. Build the tension slow. Which is why I have three scenes, not one. And they are called a “scene sequence” because they all relate to Jane trying to catch a killer. The first thing I had to do was watch a YouTube video on poker as I knew nothing about it. Then, long overdue, I had to research Florida shrubbery. And after about five hours, I had my new scenes.

I read them over. They’re rough. They need work. But that’s what revision is for.