The Paris Notebook now on Kindle!

I know, another day, another way to buy The Paris Notebook. But lots of my friends have Kindles so I’m hoping to sell some, to get some “likes” at least. Not begging. Really! No reviews yet. The marketing genius at TWRP told me to google and the first three pages were all from this site. I stopped after that. Maybe it’s too early for reviews. Maybe I talk about myself too much:)

If you’re waiting for a real post, something meaty about writing, I’m working on one right now. It’s a guest post and will be on craft. I’m thinking the title might be “The Rules of Romance Writing” or maybe not. But I learned a lot working with my TWRP editor on this book, and I want to share, just in case you’re wondering why the love story you wrote is not considered a romance.

Front Page News

At least for today, my novel, The Paris Notebook, is on the front page of The Wild Rose Press website! It’s the first book in the first line of new releases. Pretty exciting stuff:) For my readers who have been suffering this deluge of publicity, I have some real writing to report as well. I am back to work on the WIP and loving it. Today is a personal celebration and I’m going to stay online all day if I want to…well after I work on the WIP. It feels so good to be back to the WIP after using morning pages to complain and vent for a while now. I’m excited. Nothing is on the docket for my morning hours except the WIP!

Coming Soon!


I am in a happy place today:)

Exciting news! My novella, “Sarah’s Survival Guide” is almost ready for FREE FOREVER reading here on AWD. Not free for a day. Not free for a week. Free forever to celebrate ten years of A Writer’s Diary! The cover artist did a fabulous job connecting Sarah’s cover look and theme to The Paris Notebook, coming soon from The Wild Rose Press! I’ll post Sarah’s cover as soon as I receive the final version. I plan to work on the story today (as I did yesterday) and maybe I’ll be able to put the cover and the story up at the same time.

The Paris Notebook Cover!

I’m so excited! Just got the cover for The Paris Notebook which means we are getting close to a pub date. Plus I love this awesome cover by the very talented Angela Anderson! The main character is a teacher, so she put an apple on the books! Too cute. And she also used my favorite color: pink! I know. So many !!!!s