Kindle Exclusive

Finally after two years of Covid, another year of moving three times, and a hurricane, I have started to plan and attend book events. First a great weekend at Cedar Key. No hurricane debris! Working WiFi! New writer friends! Sold many books ūüôā

I’ve got two more one day events coming up in November and January at local libraries. I want to make a Kindle Exclusive thing to show off my e-only books. Tried on Canva all morning. About to cut and paste something by hand. Maybe with help from an office supply store.

Unless anyone has a better idea…

Coming Soon

Today I finished the final draft of Natalia.¬† Do you recognize her? That’s her mom, Gypsy, to the right.¬†Natalia’s having a rest over the holiday weekend before one final read-through, copy-edit, and¬†beta-read by¬†Marla.

Natalia¬†is different: my first published novella.¬†She will be indie, but I’m¬†unsure how to market her. Natalia’s all grown up, well, 15 anyway, and coming into her Paradise Powers full-on and fast, saving 17-year-old Melissa from a Dark Initiate who may or may not be part of the local¬†Rom community.

So there is YA. There is NA. There is paranormal. There is mystery. How the heck do I market that? I am thinking NA because Melissa falls in love with Dave and there’s a full-on love scene. All suggestions on how to present¬†this one welcome.