Blue Lake Christmas Mystery

Life’s a beach in Blue Lake…except when dead bodies blow in with the snow.

When a guest dies at a dinner party, Holly – a reporter in tiny Blue Lake – decides she wants to start a new life as a true crime reporter…but her new love is determined to keep her from writing about the one thing her heart desires.

Bob’s previous relationship with the mysterious Lily left him floundering. Holly stirs something in him, but when he realizes she’s willing to take Lily down for her own purposes he decides a holiday romance is not what he needs. Discussion questions:

Holly wants to write true crime for a living. There’s a crime in her family, and her cousin is the victim. Holly wants to write about what happened, but her family is against it. Does Holly make the right choice?

College is expensive. Holly finds a job in her field, but it pays less than a living wage. This is the situation for many single people in America, not just college grads. Jobs are plentiful, but pay is low and bills are high. What’s the solution?

Bob Bryman adopts two dogs as a kind of therapy to heal his depression over a lost love. Do the dogs make a difference in his life or would Bob be better off taking medication?

Have you ever been in love with someone who does not return your feelings? How did you cope?

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