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Cynthia Harrison is a novelist, blogger and avid reader. She is a lifelong Michigan resident who would rather live in Hawaii. Thus she spends much time on the Great Lakes, looking out to big blue water, imagining it is the Pacific Ocean. Her contemporary novels are published by The Wild Rose Press in print and e-book. She has been blogging on http://www.cynthiaharrison.com since 2002.

Cindy is married to the man of her dreams (sometimes, except when he says they can’t move to Hawaii) and they have two grown sons. Both boys live in different west coast states with their families, both right next to the Pacific Ocean. Cindy has not done the math, but her internal calculator believes the distance from Hawaii to their houses is closer than Detroit.

Cindy has published ten books, some as an indie author and several by The Wild Rose Press, who publish her Blue Lake series. Cindy, a proud granny, feels like a badass when she says she’s from Detroit. What, you didn’t know a granny could be a badass? Maybe that’s only in Detroit, where badass grannies abound.


    1. Small world Jennifer:) I’m not much of a shopper. I will go to the nearest mall with a good anchor store, depending on what I need. So for something special I go to Partridge Creek (Nordstrom and Apple). But I have been to Somerset a few times and love the stores there. It’s been awhile.


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