Starting With a Rug

When we walked on the ground level ceramic tiles (almost everywhere in our new house) we knew we needed area rugs. TBH it was a shock to Al but he soon agreed when I found a half off sale. This was before mega-inflation. I decided on three rugs to start. Dining room, living room and my office. Chatting with a friend who had an area rug in her living room, and told me a story about how she chose it, I decided to go wild and buy a rug just because I liked it. Our dining room was empty, what could it hurt?

As you see above, I chose this blue pattern just because I liked it. I had a wood table in mind and found something that would match the rug. I had two pieces of art with blue in them and they were both water themed. Hung those up. My friend said they needed “something else” or I should buy one big piece. I agreed with her. Meanwhile I’d unpacked as many books as I could fit into the bookcases I had from St. Pete and Michigan. There are two boxes of books left. Al and I set out shopping for a bookshelf, a third piece for the wall to even things out, and a table to use as a buffet.

We came home with hardly anything except groceries. Bookcases, well, it was folly to think I could match a 70 year old bookcase that my granny had antiqued blue, but I saw some painted furniture almost that color in other shopping forays. Yes, I found the painted furniture but nothing was the size I needed. Meanwhile I had realized almost as soon as the rug was laid that it in no way matched my Desert Rose dishes, nor the table. I found some dinnerware I thought would do on Amazon so those came and that made me happy because they blended nicely with the rest of the things I’d gathered for the table.

I started my St Pete condo with the idea of those pink and green Desert Rose dishes. I love them but Al, my consultant, was never crazy about the pink. Dishes okay but I also have a pink toaster, a pink tea kettle, pink placemats, pink wineglasses, pink apron, pink oven mitts, and a small pink pot for boiling eggs. All of that in my tiny St Pete kitchen gave a true pink effect, but here it just melts into the house. There is a green countertop so things look good. I will keep my pink dishes for everyday use in the nook where we take our meals at a small table with two comfortable chairs the color of marshmallows and just as soft.

I like to sleep on half-baked ideas. They come clear in the dark. I woke and knew what to do. I had a pamper day scheduled at a new salon only 7 minutes away, but after that I rushed 2 more minutes to the Posh Pelican and bought a buffet table with a driftwood edge. It is the same color as a bookshelf I left in St. Pete, also made by my grandfather. We will bring that bookshelf home, since we still have the St Pete place and need to fix it up for rental. I also bought an Englewood Beach poster already framed that filled out the empty wall space and kept with my water theme. Done!


    1. Pink was perfect for the little condo, but not here. I have never started from scratch. My mom was always giving me her old furniture. And my first mattress came from Salvation Army. I was too young to think it was icky. Still there was my mom’s old sofa in the living room!


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