January Blues

I’m struggling today. With some things I can’t say, some burdens I can’t share, and, frankly, with the new block style here on Word Press. Last week it was fine. Not sure what’s up but it’s just another thing. Like the thing where my Word for Mac software is no longer compatible with my laptop’s operating system. I could upgrade, but I think I’ll try Pages. I gave Pages a go when I first got my Mac but was in the middle of a book project and had no time to figure it out. It seemed quirky after ten years or so with Microsoft Word. I tried to learn Pages for about five minutes then installed Word for Mac. That was back when I still had my very own Apple Genius to help me with everything.

This post is my second attempt to say something and get the Word Press block gods to listen and interpret correctly. I trashed a real sob story, but it’s probably for the best. I’m feeling gloomy and out of sorts, although on the positive side, I got my new scene, the first in a new POV, out to my critique partners. I’m called the WIP “St. Pete” and sometimes “Jane” because that’s the setting and character. I managed to work this magic with the floundering software by force quitting Word and rebooting the laptop. Every time I use Word for Mac I have to do that. So. Pages. Has anybody tried it? Does anybody swear by it? I am hoping for mass enthusiasm.

Just to say about my so-called burdens. We all have them. I’m a lucky duck, mine are minor when I look at the big picture. I have a great husband, terrific friends, a good life. My kids are rock stars and their families are humming along just fine with the grandkids sparking joy a million times a day. It’s just the January blues. I know I’ll feel better when Al and I hit the road in a few weeks for Florida. My dad is there and I can’t wait to see him and all my wonderful Florida pals. So, you know, don’t cry for me, Argentina. I’ll get over this day, the dirty snow, the bleakness, the cold. It isn’t that difficult if you sit by the fire with a good book and a cup of hot chocolate.


  1. I really like the way the blocks look. You can choose your background and text color, which I love, and they are simple to use when you remember the sequence. And you’re right about all things must pass. I just had a nice chocolate godiva cocktail and vented to husband, which helps. And thanks for reminding me of Florida!! Counting the days.

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