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Wordpress1-solid2b.fwAfter thinking about it for a few years, I finally spruced up my website to reflect where my writing is now, particularly my soon-to-be released novel, Lily White in Detroit. This book moves me firmly into crime novel territory and I want a website that reflects that without discounting my earlier novels. I think we did it. New template (thank you always awesome Word Press), new header of Detroit skyline designed by the fabulous Dora Badger of Woodward Press and new everything else by tech expert Barb Drozdowich of Bakerview Consulting.

I love the landing page and didn’t stop my spring-cleaning there. Barb and I went through every page to make sure all info is current and relevant. It’s amazing how much work you can do sitting in a comfy chair.


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    1. Thanks Cheryl ❤ I need a new pic after my silver hair is all grown out. Right now it is blonde on bottom, brown in middle, and then about 3-4 inches of silver at the crown. My goal is all silver. Stylist said about two more months.

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