Life Among the Couples

Long Bayou held a dance for Valentine’s Day last night. Earlier, I’d gotten most of my hair cut off but left the  silver at the roots. I am growing into that silver just as I am learning to face my many fears alone. The stuff I’m afraid of could fill a book, but the little six inch lizard that found it’s way into my home seriously freaked me out. I called my husband even knowing he could do nothing for me in Michigan. He didn’t answer the phone.

I used ant spray on the slippery little creature and swear his beady little eyes looked into mine asking “Why?” before he disappeared under the door to the heating and cooling unit. Then I went to the internet and found out these guys are harmless and also everywhere in Florida. Even inside houses. They climb walls and hide behind picture frames. Still, I chose this place to live and I have to make peace with its ways.

I applied courage like a third layer of mascara and put on my party clothes. My friend came upstairs for a drink before the dance. She peered in the closet with a flashlight, but there was no sign of my tiny intruder. Just one more thing I’m going to have to get used to here. That’s another long list of stuff: what I need to adjust to, what I need to figure out, what I must endure alone.

I texted my absent husband then went to the dance. The band was musically proficient but they played mostly romantic songs so the couples could slow dance. Karen and I sipped our wine, danced a little bit, but mostly looked on. We left early; I went up to my condo alone. I looked around for the lizard. I looked at my phone. No text from my husband, but on the plus side, no sign of the lizard, either.




  1. Lady, I think it would take more than a tiny lizard to REALLY scare you! You are a strong, talented person who I am so glad to have met. I have scanned your blogs but intend to read them through before we meet again. Write on!! Doraine

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    1. Thanks for reading Doraine! I am a bundle of nerves if I don’t meditate! I know that my situation is nothing like what a woman goes through when her husband dies, and I think it’s wrong to say “I know how you feel” but damn I don’t like being on my own. Very glad to have met you and other strong women here in Long Bayou xo


    1. LOL. Have not seen the slithery little beast. I have lots to get used to in this new climate. It’s not just moving to a new state but to a new tropical weather zone. And with that comes beautiful blooming flowers, lovely beaches, swaying palm trees, and yes, a few critters I am just not used to. 🙂

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    1. Becky, growing out our roots takes so much courage these days. Most everyone I know dyes their hair and say they would die without it! Sorry about the husband…does not sound like you are too upset about it, so if you’re happy, that’s all that matters!


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