Avoiding Diet Detours

So stressed this past weekend went to pick up dinner and also bought a large candy bar, a chocolate cupcake, and a box of cookies. And ate them all. Before dinner. The candy bar was gone before I got my coat off. Had mashed potatoes with dinner. Al poured me a large glass of wine to go with that. I’m only mentioning the carbs.


Because, you know, carbs are what I am not (supposed to be) eating. So the scale has gone up a notch but I’m back on track after two days of deep breathing and Nurse Jackie. Between episodes, I came up with this bright idea to help me stay on track. A permanent shopping list and menu. Why keep reinventing the wheel? Especially just for a short little span of time in which I want to kick ten pounds to the curb?

Due to the stress, I was late getting a post up (usually I post Sunday or Monday and here it is Tuesday already) so I was thinking why not share my plan? So, here you go.

Shopping List

Meat: Ground turkey (2 pounds), ground beef, salmon, chicken breast, bacon, soy sausage

Dairy: Cheeses, yogurt, almond milk, eggs, butter

Fruit: Apples, pears, oranges, bananas, grapes, berries (frozen okay in winter)

Vegetable: Spinach, romaine, cucumber, radish, broccoli, cauliflower, carrot, celery

Also: peanut butter, nuts, seeds, canned vegetable & fruit, soup, tomatoes, tuna



Cheeseburgers & Romaine Salad

Ground Turkey Meatloaf & Broccoli

Salmon & Orange/Spinach Salad

Chicken Cacciatore

Turkey Chili


breakfasts: eggs, soy sausage, bacon, yogurt, nuts

lunches: tuna salad, turkey salad, chicken salad, broccoli salad, fruit and cheese

snacks: nuts, peanut butter, veg & dip, latte


Just so you know, I swap out the fish sometimes for variety. Also, I have been known to eat a pork chop for breakfast. And lunches can be dinner. Finally, leftovers are awesome.



  1. Oh, Cindy I hear you! My downfall is chips and wine with a strawberry licorice chaser. Sometimes I can delay it long enough for the craving to pass but sometimes I give in. What I don’t do any more is give myself a hard time about it. Longer on the treadmill, more water, fewer carbs help make up the difference. We are only human;) I like your grocery list and menus. Good idea.

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