Gypsy Live!


Gypsy Cover

I’ve been working on getting Gypsy up on Kindle. If you’ve never done this, it is in some ways so easy and in other ways maddening. I was having a bit of a hard time convincing Amazon I’d like the 70% royalty rate when suddenly I get a message “Done! Gypsy will be live soon”

There were more things I wanted to do first, but hey, I got the important stuff done. Except that 70% which is pending. I’ll make it happen. I’m determined. But so hey another book. I just keep popping them out like a bunny having babies.


  1. And ladies that cover was $30. It was a template but the guy says as soon as someone buys it, he takes it down, so it’s only mine and nobody else’s.


    1. Thanks Barb, This is fun, but I wonder if a whole book can be done this way…starting to think I should load the entire thing for a nice Christmas present to readers. OTOH, it is really helping me edit as I don’t want one extra word, not one thing to stop the forward thrust of the plot.


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