Twitter $ale$

I go back and forth with love/hate Facebook, Twitter, and Goodreads. This blog has disgusted me a few times too. When I feel sick of some social media, I just leave it alone. At first, with Twitter, I thought, well, this is something I have to do. I have to be my own publicist for my novels. I couldn’t do it. Well,  not “couldn’t” more like “didn’t want to.”

I saw people constantly flogging their books and they sold well but I just didn’t have–I never have had–that ability to sell. I’m not a seller. Not a marketer. Not a PR person. I don’t want to be that, either. Not that there’s anything wrong with selling, flogging, flooding the twitter stream with “buy my book.” Just the opposite. Those people sell books.

So why don’t I just get down to it? Simple. Don’t want to. Not for me. Although today I ran a quick blurb someone put in an Amazon review of The Paris Notebook “This Book Rocks” with the link to my novel. But I also posted 10 or 20 other comments and went to some links and retweeted and friended and DMed.

I don’t think I’m the selling type. I tried to set up with Gremin, a kind of automated PR machine that will send out auto-posts daily. That way the not-seller-type doesn’t even have to think about it. Gremin does it for you. So Gremin started sending out just my name as a tweet. That was it: @CynthiaHarriso1. For weeks. It was mortifying. There was one funny moment where somebody just replied “No!” and that cracked me up. I still smile when I think about it. Mostly the posts were overlooked until I finally figured out how to stop the madness.

So maybe it’s my bad experiences with trying to sell. When I first started tweeting, I got sucked into some horrible “review” site that advertised the shit out of my entire post. I’ve had other bad experiences besides Gremin and the fake review thing when I try to be a marketer of my books. One of the worst things though is nobody cares because everyone is a writer trying to sell you their book. I have not found my readers yet, but I can tell you, they are not on Twitter. I’m not going to find them there.

I’m not going to find them at all. They’re going to have to find me. Or not. And I can live with that. So use Twitter if you want to, see what your comfort level is like, and go from there. I still like Twitter. I bought a book from an author tweet today. I find lots of great links to interesting stuff. I just don’t put up a booth and try to sell there anymore.

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