Our Family Star

I come from a very creative family. My son Mike writes apps in his spare time. Tim builds cars. My dad builds beautiful rooms onto existing houses. My mom draws and wrote a story I included in my first book. It is everyone’s favorite part of the book. My grandmother was a painter, my grandfather a writer. Both my sons married creative women. And my uncle, Tom Weschler, is a rock & roll photographer. He was and still is my role model: he’s never had a “real” job. He has made his way through the world by his photo lens. I admire that so much!

Now Tom can add movie star to his resume. He’s in the film “Louder than Love: The Grande Ballroom Story.” This film premiered at the Detroit Institute of Arts Thursday night, and I was there! Two sold out shows. It’s going on now to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. Tom is a natural storyteller, and his skills show in the film about the broken down ballroom that came back in ’69 & ’70 as a rock venue. Bob Seger, The Stooges, The Who, Janis Joplin w/Big Brother, Led Zepplin, Ted Nugent, and the list goes on.

About a year ago, Tom’s book on his travels with Seger, Travelin’ Man, came out. Many never-before-seen photos and Tom’s trademark anecdotes make the coffee table sized book a real treat. You can see the reviews on Amazon. I wrote one–really short. I want to show my friends that writing a review is not a difficult thing. After all my pleading, I still only have 3 reviews. Tom has 21!!

Happy Easter!




  1. Cindy — I met Tom when he attended the Royal Oak Writers event and book signing I hosted at the Royal Oak Public Library last year. I was so happy that he was able to participate on the panel, and everyone was honored to meet him. He sat with Judy Davids from the Mydols (Judy is now editor of RO Patch) and I remember them sharing rock and roll stories! Small world, isn’t it?

    I love my creative family, too. My great grandfather was a watercolor artist who actually made a living with his paintings after the Depression, and my mother was a color artist for local photography studios. My father’s people from the old country (Scotland) are all storytellers. Not surprisingly, I married and architect/artist…. I don’t think I could stand being married to another writer – LOL!


  2. Wow, Cindy, small world indeed. Tom did a lot of signings for his book, but I never managed to catch one. And I do think creativity runs in families. When everyone around you is doing something with music, art, or architecture…it seems normal to write a poem!


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