Is NaNo Working 4 You?

Wrote 4000 words today. I’m at 17,000 and there are still nine days left in November. For me that’s 7 writing days. If I wrote 4000 each of those days, I still wouldn’t make 50K. Which is fine. I’m okay with that. I’ve participated in NaNo twice before & met my numbers both times. Not sure what’s different this time, but I’m I’m not feeling sorry for myself, or beating myself up.

I’m looking at it this way–I probably would not have started a new book right now if not for the motivation of NaNo. I’d be revising something else. The lure of Gypsy is strong. Plus, it’s easier to revise than to create. But it’s more fun to create, especially in full on NaNo mode where everything goes in and nothing gets changed and I can write myself notes like “must research this” instead of stopping and doing the research.

My critique group meets Saturday so I did shape up the first three chapters for them. An editor, an actual print book editor, is interested in seeing new material. So that’s another reason to thank NaNo and to finish this novel. If that’s what it is. I’m giving myself permission to let it be a novella if that’s what it turns out to be. I’m giving myself permission for a lot of things, including by-passing print publication altogether if the work doesn’t meet word requirements.

Never thought I’d say this but NaNo is working for me even knowing I’m not going to win. I feel like I’ve won already, and I’m keeping that frame of mind no matter what.

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